Transmission Simulator

Modeling malaria transmission and control

Welcome to Transmission Simulator

Transmission Simulator supports two Malaria transmission models:

  • EMOD (The Institute for Disease Modeling), and
  • OpenMalaria (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute).

Both EMOD and OpenMalaria help the user create simulations to analyze malaria transmission and its control. They share a number of common features: each requires entomological and epidemiological inputs. The outputs of each are viewable online and accessible as downloadable graphs and datasets.

Both EMOD and OpenMalaria generate many outputs, including the following:

  • Entomological Inoculation Rate (EIR),
  • Prevalence of malaria infections by age group,
  • Clinical prevalence,
  • Incidence of new infections.

The two models have different features that may make either model more useful depending on the data available to the user as inputs as well as the outputs that are generated.